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NON-TOXIC Animal Component Free (ACF) Transportation medium for tissues and cells.

Clin-Ess® allows for most tissues and cells to be stored/transported for 5 days at room temperature or 7 days at refrigerated temperature

  • Animal Component Free
  • Provides Excellent Tissue and Cell Viability
  • Protects DNA & RNA
  • Clin-Ess® does NOT contain paraformaldehyde

Does not prohibit downstream applications (i.e.: RNA DNA..etc) as Clin-Ess® maintains tissues or cells in a viable state.

  • Non toxic.
  • Can Transport clinical samples on ice.
  • Originally investigated in organ preservation and blood replacement.
  • Able to reverse slow freeze artifacts.¹
  • Able to preserve tissue and it’s enzymatic activity and morphology (reference).
  • Better preservation with few artifacts.
  • Significant reduction in ice crystals when freezing tissues.
  • Currently used in clinical pathology.
  • Easy disposal.
  The figure above is frozen tissue of human Muscle biopsy specimen before treatment with Clin-Ess®. Note the absence of artifacts in the figure on the right, post-treatment with Clin-Ess®



A limitation of current transport mediums is that shipping and storage of fresh and vital tissue has to be snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and shipped on dry ice in Formalin. Today it is known that much molecular biological information in the tissue is lost by this kind of treatment. Using Clin-Ess® it is possible for the first time to store and ship samples for 72 hours at room temperature without losing the viability of the tissue.

Clin-Ess® ACF Preservation Medium can also maintain tissue samples at refrigerated temperatures of 4° C for up to 168 hours (7 days).

For Research Use Only